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For Karate Fans and Athletes around the world, one Karate Gi brand stands out above the rest: Shureido. Shureido is the Okinawa made Karate Gi from the birthplace of Karate.

Which Shureido Gi Model is the Best for Karate Tournaments?

For Karate Fans and Athletes around the world, one Karate Gi brand stands out above the rest: Shureido. Shureido is the Okinawa made Karate Gi from the birthplace of Karate. While it isn't the oldest Karate Gi Brand on the market, it has led the pack in quality and performance for several decades.

Recently I wrote an article about the 11 Best Karate Gi Brands for Competition, and Shureido was among the top of the list.

Between the custom measurements, to materials, to quality detail; there are many reasons why professional Karate Athletes and Instructors choose Shureido Karate Gi.

In the past, there were only a few Shureido Standard Gi styles available. When I was growing up in the dojo, the K10 was the gold standard and the head of the dojo chose a K11 for the comfort of wearing it all day.

Now KarateKa can choose between different cuts, Kata Gi, Kumite Gi, Black or white, and a variety of materials that change the sound of the snap, to the stretch of the fabric, to the ruggedness and more.

The Karate Kid cast of Cobra Kai on Netflix sprung for heavyweight Century Gi, probably for cost effectiveness but most WKF World Karate Federation athletes are willing to spend a bit extra to buy the top performing Karate Gi models from Shureido.

Shureido Karate GI can run from $175 USD to $325 USD depending on the Style and Sizing as well as embroidery and alterations.

We will break down the Karate Gi by Usage in a simple buying guide to determine what Karate Gi Model is right for you.

Sensei Shureido K11

If you spend hours in the Dojo teaching Karate, you'll want something Durable, Comfortable, Snappy, and wrinkle free. Shureido understands that Sensei wear their Gi for a long period of time, so they've actually created a style that works perfect for functionality and also gives an amazing impression.

The Instructor line of Gi are an attractive cut and bright white that stands apart from the blue tinted competition Gi. Our Sensei tend to stand out among the crowd due to choosing this uniform. The material is slightly thicker which helps it stay wrinkle free and also is a very comfortable cotton blend compared to the canvas like counter part.

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While you will sacrifice a slight amount of snap, the Gi actually offers more flexibility for movements which makes it diverse enough for teaching Kata, Kumite, Kihon and self defense all in One Gi.

In my opinion, any serious adult Karate teacher would choose this option for practice in the dojo and keep their Kumite or Kata gi on a hanger for tournament usage.

Purchase a K11 from Japan.

Kata Shureido New Wave 3 (NW3)

Kata is more technically demanding than ever before and you need a sharp cut Gi that delivers huge performance. The New Wave 3 is the world's best Karate Kata Gi. Production times are backed up due to high seasonal demand as they are custom tailored by hand in Okinawa one by one suited for each athlete.

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The New Wave 3 has a unique poly cotton blend that keeps it lightweight and breathable while offering a rigid look with wide cut arms and legs that taper in the bends at the knee and elbow. The extra thigh room allows for deeper stances with less constriction and huge snapping when techniques are launched.

This is the Kata gi of choice for many World Karate Champions.

Shureido New Wave 3 Order Form.

Kumite Sparring Shuriedo Waza Gi

My personal training favorite, the Shureido Waza makes you feel like a Dragon Ball z character. The light weight fabric feels like you're floating on air and the stretch fabric is limitless for range of motion in fighting. Just putting on the Gi gives you energy for practice.

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What I like most is the form fitting arms and legs, where most gi are very box like and wide, the shuriedo waza is almost fashionable with the skinny jean look, and the uniform covers the ankles and wrists. The cape is extra long so it covers your rear, and if you work out extra hard like I do, you'll be relieved that it hides your sweat spots that accumulate while allowing a lot of air to circulate and cool the body post workout.

If you are going to do Kumite in Competition, treat yourself to the cream of the crop with the Waza Gi.

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About the Author:
Colton Woodard is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Kuniba Kai Karate Do and holds the title of Kyoshi as well. He loves to teach Karate, Kobudo, and Iaido and considers himself a lifetime student in pursuit of self improvement in both Martial Arts and in Character. Colton loves to visit Japan and speaks conversational Japanese and can write quite a few Kanji. He is a Karate competitor and coach and loves to exercise and make new memories with people all over the world.


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