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Martial Arts Programs Online and Karate Training

Free Memberships Offer Access to Hidden Martial Arts Content including Beginner Level Karate Training Videos, The History Section, Work Out Instructions, Testing Requirement, and the ability to Join Our World Renowned Tournament Team.

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Online Karate Lessons and Martial Arts Classes

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Premium Memberships Unlock Hidden Content including All Levels of Training Videos (White Belt to Black Belt), The History Section, Work Out Instructions, Testing Requirements, The Ability to Test for Rankings, Weapons (RyuKyu Kobudo) Training Instructional Videos, Iaido (Sword) Instructional Training Videos, Self Defense Videos, and the ability to Join Our World Renowned Tournament Team.

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Step By Step Instructional Video Lessons

Each Program contains Instructional Video for Karate Moves, Kobudo (Weapon) Techniques, Self Defense, and Iaido (Sword).
National Karate Kobudo Federation Online Karate Lessons Sai Video Clip

Our Karate & Kobudo Database can be accessed by members to Learn or Review Every Kata, Kihon, Definition, Testing Requirement, & even Lesson Plans for Sensei's.

New to Karate? Can't visit a Dojo?
No Problem.
We host virtual lessons from Licensed Instructors around the globe to follow along at home.

Achieve Legitimate ranking from the comfort of your home, gym, or dojo via video testing & receive feedback to help you improve.

Learn Online at your convenience.


Certify your Martial Arts Directly from Japan by submitting your Testing Video that will be graded by 8th & 9th Dan Certified Living Legends.

Receive Legitimate hand signed certification directly from the birthplace of Budo (Japan).

Our Courses contain all Karate, Kobudo, and Iaido Techniques, Kata and Knowledge to test for your Black Belt and beyond.

More Course content is constantly being added.


In addition to learning Online, our Program has active connections to Grand Masters in both Okinawa & Osaka Japan.

We can assist you in booking direct once in a lifetime training opportunities in Japan, or brought to you.

We also export Made in Japan products directly to your door.

Want to book Virtual or Live  Seminars?

Contact us today to learn more.

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