We have created several programs suitable for different levels of Karate and Kobudo Practitioners.

Special Beginnners Course

This course gives you access to a limited video library with instructions on karate training from white belt to black belt. It also gives you detailed instruction on learning the Bo (staff) and Sai weapons.

You will also have Access to our Live Karate Lessons every WED and FRI at 7PM EST.

Different time zone? Check it out at any time after it airs in the knowledge library.

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Special Beginners Course
$1 Per Month
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Rank Requirements.
Video Examples.
Karate Kata Database.
Karate Kihon Database.
Kobudo Kata Database.
Kobudo Kihon Database.
Self Defense Database.


Uploaded Lessons, World Chat & LIVE Stream.


Learn the History of Karate & Kobudo.
Read Origins of Styles & Kata.
Trace Lineage to the Founders of Each Style.
Study the History of Martial Arts.


Learn About & Connect with our Online Teachers Here.


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Exclusive Library of Martial Arts Video.
Master Class Video Collection from the Past.
Technique Videos.
Kumite Tip Videos.
Iaido Instruction.
Rare Footage and More.

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