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Our Members Only Exclusive Content contains Full Courses of Karate, Kobudo, and Iaido as well as Class Uploads and a Knowledge Section for Enrichment. Members also unlock the ability to test for Ranking Certification from Japan and join our Tournament team.

Premium Membership to our Online Karate, Kobudo and Iaido courses are not a substitute for ranking. If you would like to be recognized globally as a ranking member please inquire via email to

Karate is a life long journey, and it changes you as you master the concepts and techniques. Karate should always be focused with the spirit of Karate. This means preserving the tradition of the Artform while conveying the attitude of humility and graciousness. Karate was developed as a means of preserving peace during times of war.

In today's world we face many adversities, Karate can provide a way to relieve stress, improve health, gain confidence, and even begin a career.

As you embark on your Karate journey remember that it is not a race to earn a black belt, the time and work that you put into your Karate, you will receive back in forms that will last a lifetime.

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