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Welcome to our beginner course. This course features a complete overview of step by step instructions on how to do every Karate technique, the Kata for each belt, self defense and even Bo and Sai tutorials. If you enjoy this course, consider upgrading to a full membership for even more in depth programs as well as regularly uploaded supllementary lessons.

Beginning your Karate Training may seem like a daunting task, but try to watch the courses and follow along. It is a great idea to also add in adequate practice of the basics of each level before continuing to the next.

Typically it takes the average person 3 years to achieve black belt by mastering the basic karate techniques and katas, honing skills to a flawless and effortless level.

All of the information you need to begin and master your karate training to first degree black belt is taught in this course, but adequate training must be applied to create a dynamic and functional martial art.

If you would like to book a private lesson via skype, please email your interest ti [email protected]


Beginner Course

Requirements, Syllabus, Database, & Master Class Videos.

National Karate Kobudo Federation Karate Programs. Learn Karate Styles online and test for certification.


How to Tie Your Belt
Be Sure to Stretch Prior to Karate to prevent injuries and increase flexibility!
Yellow Belt is your first Goal!
Orange Belt is your next step!
Green Belt is your half way marker!
Blue Belt is your Advanced Level!
Brown Belt is your Last Step to Black Belt!
Learn Bo (Staff) Weapon for Black Belt!
Learn Sai (truncheon) Weapon for Black Belt!

Use all of the above to
test for Black Belt!

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