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National Karate Kobudo Federation Kobudo, the Okinawan Ancient Weapons Programs. Learn Karate Styles online and test for certification.


Guided Kobudo Tutorials, Testing Requirements, Full Kobudo Syllabus, Videos Database, & uploaded demonstration videos.

Kobudo utilizes the farming and fishing tools of ancient Okinawa to perform self defense techniques in the modern day.

Literally translated as the old art of war, Kobudo is preserved today by practicing the original Kihon and Kata.

Each Section contains a full program to learn each Kobudo weapon.

This page was created to serve users an easy navigation to learn each of the Ryukyu Kobudo weapons. Click on the respective buttons to view the full programs for each kobudo section.

Information and new videos are being uploaded constantly so please check back in to find more content in the programs above. The 8 Okinawan Kobudo Weapons Programs that we have include Sai, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Tekko, Bo, Eku, Kama, and Timber Rochin. There are a few other Okinawan weapons not in our syllabus like the Sansetsu, Kuwa, Nunti Bo, and Surujin.

We may update our syllabus to include more weapons programs in the near future.

We have made a free resource for Free Members that includes the basics of how to use each kobudo weapon. If you would like to enjoy step by step video instructions on how to do the kobudo kata and their bunkai, this is reserved for Premium Members only.

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