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Thank you for reaching our Contact page. This is a great resource for asking any martial arts related questions, Sponsorship Opportunities, Affiliate Marketing Requests, Guest Blog Posts, How to Open a Karate School, Feedback on our programs, Registering your dojo or club, Becoming a tournament competitor or anything else Karate and Kobudo.

This contact form is also a great way to leave a suggestion for us to improve our site, lessons, and programs for the future.

Please allow 1 to 3 days for response time, as this page is simultaneously run by ACTUAL Karate Instructors that also handle international business matters, private lessons, coaching, referee and officiating of events, and seminars.

If you're thinking about running your own affiliated karate school, make sure you check out our podcast! We upload a new episode every week and will be holding some great interviews in addition to advice.

We now have a site just for adding a link to your Karate School website! It's completely free and we are happy to help provide a quality backlink to get you more potential students. Head over and fill out the form to list your martial arts school for free.

If you would like to book private lessons or a seminar please leave your information, location, preferred dates, accommodations, and event attendees in the form above.

Similarly, if you'd like to host an NKKF sanctioned Karate or Kobudo Tournament or Seminar please leave your information here as well.


P.s. We are also on all of the social media sites! We would love to connect! If you haven't joined us on Facebook please make sure to do so. It's a great community resource to share martial arts information, questions, videos etc and connect with other members.

Thanks! We'll be in touch very soon.

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