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We created an Online Resource for Karate School Owners to get more recognition for their Karate Website. Every day we receive a large amount of new visitors from all over the world who are looking to connect with Karate School Owners or learn new martial arts.

Many websites charge a fee to list your Karate school on their aged domain, but our site is over 20 years old and this service remains completely free.

We do check every submission to ensure no spam content or unappropriate content is served.

We do offer Dojo Certification as well, if you are looking to legitimize your Karate School and use our National Karate Kobudo Federation name with your school authority.

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Benefits of Listing Your Karate School

Listing your Karate School can help increase online exposure to 1000's of website viewers each day! When new students are researching which karate school is right for them, they are not going to choose any random school. They want to read reviews, see the biggest names, make sure they are getting what they pay for, and in many cases they want a legitimate instructor.

When you list your karate school online, it helps you stop being invisible to prospective clients and starts standing in the front of the line. Surely, students would rather pick a karate school that is proud to display their name and information publicly. Being communicative and responsive to new customers is very important for client aquisition and client retention.

Opening a karate school is easy, marketing it is hard! Just being a master of the martial arts alone isn't enough to bring in students. List your karate school for free today and see the difference in online traffic to your karate school website.

List Of Karate Schools

NKKF instructor doing Chinese Wedge Block
NKKF Instructor performs self defense with wrist lock and kick
NKKF Sensei with Soke
Aikido Sensei with NKKF
Sensei Steven Johnson with NKKF in Yokosuka Japan