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Are you an instructor looking to affiliate with the NKKF?

To become a registered member, each year dues are $199.99 USD.

Your Dojo will receive a certificate of membership for each year enrolled. As a member you'll be able to join AAU, WKF, NKF, and WSKF competitions under the NKKF club authority.

Instructors and Affiliate Athletes also receive a 50% commission on all students who become members of the NKKF paid out monthly via paypal.

Please email honbu@nkkf.org to set up your discount code for your students to earn credit.

Sanctioned dojos will also earn 15% off any Tokaido Brand Products.

We are Currently Sponsoring WKF Karate Athletes who actively upload 1 lesson per week to our Lessons portal and have brought 100 members from around the world to join our federation.

National Karate Kobudo Federation Online Karate Lessons and Database. Kobudo Lessons and Database

All of our affiliated Instructors have been screened and hand selected by our Board of Sensei to ensure the best instruction possible is given. We aim to provide a wide variety of martial arts training from reputable teachers around the globe.

Each instructor is provided with the dojo syllabus for student grading. This helps students from around the world measure their progress on similar timelines and share information amongst their peers when needing assistance in their training.

Strict grading guidelines that originated in Japan are passed down for any Black Belt certification.

Traditionally, 3rd Degree Black Belt is never awarded to anyone under the age of 16. Time in Grade is a factor of the Martial Arts that is very important for good character development and appropriate experienced prior to teaching authority is received.

We sanction many styles of martial arts that can demonstrate adequate skill and provide history of certification, ranking, and knowledge.

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