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History OF Karate & Kobudo

On this page you will find several helpful resources detailing the timelines, sensei, founders of martial arts styles and how they connect to modern day martial arts.

We have compiled information on the Meaning of Karate Katas, the History of Ryu Kyu Kobudo, who the Originators of Karate Kata were, as well as the history of our organization the National Karate Kobudo Federation.

Direct Lineage of Karate Successors

Learning martial arts from a legitimate Karate instructor can be very helpful in your Karate journey, and also in becoming a recognized Karate instructor yourself. In our Chronological list of Karate Successors, you can explore the founders of Karate styles and their students to trace your style down to a specific modern day instructor.

Real Karate

Karate is known to have originated from China, to Kung Fu origins tracing back 7000 years. Many major styles of Kung Fu exist today, but Karate was an Okinawan creation, that has evolved into a few key recognized styles today.

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