Tonfa Kihons

Tonfa Kihon | Morote Chudan Uke | Double Middle Block
This Tonfa Kihon begins at the waist and engages the core as it crosses tightly in the center body to deliver two simultaneous blocks/strikes with the forearms, Tonfa handles, or the tops of the Tonfa depending on the situation and application.

Tonfa Kihon | Gedan Barai | Low Block
This Tonfa Kihon / Basic utilizes the edge of the Tonfa, rested in alignment with the forearm bone to block. Beginning at the top of the opposing shoulder, create a powerful downward swing remaining close to the body and ending at the shoulder width. The arm not performing the block should retract to the core, until the elbow peeks behind the body.

Tonfa Kihon | Jodan Uke | High Block
This Tonfa Kihon / Basic Movement uses the stick of the Tonfa wrapped firmly on the forearm bone of the user to generate a powerful upward block. The Tonfa is left at a slight angle so that the incoming attack is deflected rather than absorbed. The Blocking hand rises upwards close to the body and then snaps outward into a block while the other hand simultaneously pulls back into a load.

Tonfa Kihon | Morote Gedan Barai | Double Low Block
This Tonfa Kihon / Basic uses both hands to perform outward circular motions From the center to the hip width, utilizing the edges of the Tonfa against the forearms to block incoming attacks. Begin in a chudan kamae, with the arms shoulder width, then keeping the hands tight to the center, cross them as you exert force outwards, stopping at hip width.

Tonfa Kihon | Shomen Uchi | Overhead Strike
This Tonfa Kihon begins at the hip and comes upwards close to the body, once it reaches height of the shoulder, it snaps the wrist over and simultaneously pivots the Tonfa 180 degrees, allowing a culmination of speed and power to manifest into the body of the weapon. The strike is stopped at head level and then, using the wrist, is returned to rest against the forearm as the opposite arm is loaded against the rib cage.

Tonfa Kihon | Morote Sayu Ni to Joge Uchi | Double Side to Side / Up & Down Combination Strikes
This Tonfa Kihon is a combination strike that utilizes both Tonfa in unison to strike across the body and return to the hips, then fluidly roll into double downward strikes and return to the forearms. The downward strikes shift into a crane stance before returning to Sanchin dachi.

Tonfa Kihon | Renzoku Shomen Naka Joge Uchi | Combination Head, Inside ,Up & Down Strike
This Tonfa Kihon is a combination of techniques that utilizes skillful and coordinated wielding of the Tonfa. The first strike originates at the hip and strikes outward, flicking the Tonfa tip by manipulating the grip on the handle in coordination with wrist and arm momentum. Following this momentum, instantly flow and roll the Tonfa inward and back out ward to strike again with the body of the Tonfa. One more time use the same momentum to again roll the Tonfa into a powerful downward strike, lifting the same side leg into a crane stance. The foot will return to the ground as the Tonfa is rotated back in place against the forearm.

Tonfa Kihon | Chudan Soto Uke | Middle Outside Block
This Tonfa Kihon loads at the ear height and snaps across the body to stop at the opposite shoulder. It uses the Tonfa body pressed firmly against the bone of the forearm. The hand of the block should be about shoulder height, with about two fist worth of distance between the elbow and the body. As the block snaps outward from the shoulder, the opposite hand will simultaneously return to the ribs.

Tonfa Kihon | Renzoku Shomen Naka Jogen Sayu Ni Uchi Tsuki | Combo Head, Inside, Down Up Side Punch
This Tonfa Kihon is a large combination of strikes and ends with a center punch. Beginning at the hip it rises to snap the body of the Tonfa outwards to the opponents head, then rolls inward to strike again. Using the built momentum it rolls over and performs a downward strike, replacing by executing an upward strike. Once returned to the forearm a cross body flailing strike is made and a return strike brings it back to loading position at the hip. The combination finishes with a punch to the solar plexus.

Tonfa Kihon | Renzoku Soto Chudan To Gedan Uke Shosite Jodan To Gedan Uke | Combo DBL High Low Block
This Tonfa Kihon is a two handed simultaneous block that pulls in and then pushes out into a second block. The combination begins with a middle outside block with the front hand while the back hand performs a low block. Then shifting the momentum into the hips and core it is returned into the second block where the front hand executes a low block and the back hand snaps upward into a high block.