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    Middle Block

    Cross Body Punch

    Hooking Hands Block

    Smashing Hands

    Rising Blocks

    Evasive High/low block

    Switching Block

    Tekko Kata:

    Maezato No tekko

    Tekko Kihon

    Tekko KATA: FORMS

    Tekko Kihon Explained

    Tekko Kihon | Kakite Uke | Hooking Block
    This Tekko Kihon is delivered from the hip to the center of the body, once it reaches outwards the wrist engages into an open handed grasping motion. The block uses the Shote and the metal palm of the Tekko weapon to press against an incoming attack and divert it outwards.

    Tekko Kihon | Morote Kuda Uchi | Two Handed Smash Strike
    This Tekko Kihon or basic uses the metal grips of the weapon to perform a circular powerful smash to an opponents arm or leg. The hands raise straight up above the head as the hips jut backwards, then as the hands begin to circle outwards and downward meeting together, the hips are engaged forward as the center of gravity is dropped downwards into the technique.

    Tekko Kihon | Chudan Tsuki | Center Punch
    This Tekko Kihon is delivered similar to the Karate Tate Tsuki, a vertical punch origination from the hip directed to the center body line. The tekko must be aligned directly over the knuckles and properly gripped.

    Tekko Kihon | Chudan Uke | Middle Block
    This Tekko Kihon is delivered similarly to the Karate Middle Block. It loads at the opposite hip, keeping close to the body as it twists over and snaps into shape stopping at the shoulder width. The block utilizes either the wrist or the metal ball at the side of the tekko to strike into an incoming attack and divert it from the center to the side.

    Tekko Kihon | Hiku Osu Uke | Pulling Pushing Block
    This Tekko Kihon uses a Kamae like appearance as it lifts the front hand to the center and presses the rear hand to the hip level. This technique locks and opponents arm or legs using the metal grips of the tekko.

    Tekko Kihon | Mawashi Uke | Round Block
    This Tekko Kihon Uses the hands in a circular motion to deflect an incoming attack and then delivers a powerful counter with the palms of the iron tekko from the hip to the opens jaw and ribs.

    Tekko Kihon | Joge Barrai | High and Low Block
    This Kihon for the Tekko focuses on a tense Kamae, moving the opponents attack away from the face and striking into the knee or groin to immobilize the attacker. The body is turned so to avoid damage to vital areas as the force is concentrated into both iron grips of the tekko weapon.

    Tekko Kihon | Manji Uke | Cross Block
    This Tekko Kihon is a cross like block, similar to halve of the Japanese religious manji symbol where one hand make a 90 degree angle and strikes with the back of the fist of the tekko, and the other performs a gedan barrai, striking into the incoming attack. The shoulders and feet shift into a reverse zenkutsu dachi, to turn vital areas away from the attacker but provide distance for counter strikes.