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Free Content is a very limited access to the complete collection of programs created and hosted only on for it's members.
The Free members section offers enough training material for anyone to get started on their journey into traditional Karate and Kobudo.

Please also enjoy our World Class Martial Arts Blog & our Free Training Videos.

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SeichiKyu - Yellow Belt Program

The Yellow Belt Program is included in the Free Members Section as well as Premium Membership. This program contains the Basics of Karate and the first 3 Kata as well as basic self defense. A full tutorial video is provided with detailed instructions on beginning your Karate training.

Traditionally this ranking is broken up into 3 Belts, KuKyu, HachiKyu, and SeichiKyu. It has now been condensed for organization.

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Orange Belt - Black BElt (UPGRADE TO Premium MEMBERSHIP TO UNLOCK)

Similar to the Yellow Belt Program, this Premium Members Content unlocks instructional videos, technique examples, self defense techniques, Kata tutorials and more.

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BEginners Karate & Kobudo Program

The Beginners Program is included in the Free Members Section and encompasses a full video tutorial section for learning Karate and Basic Kobudo.

The section contains archived videos created by NKKF founder Bill Woodard.

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The National Karate Kobudo Federation began in 1982 and still continues growing today as one of the largest and most reputable sources for Traditional Karate, Kobudo and Iaido Training.

This section holds the history of the NKKF organization and it's founders.

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Karate History

This is a section is dedicated to providing members access to the written history of Karate and how it was created. It holds chronological timelines of each founder of many styles of Karate and the stories of what made them what they are today.

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Lessons Uploads

This section contains an archive of past lessons that are continually being updated. Follow along at home to supplement your training! Includes work out videos, kihons, kata, kobudo and more.

Karate Membership

All current accounts are considered Active Members with the National Karate Kobudo Federation. You must have a valid and active membership in order to test or substantiate authority using the NKKF name.

Past members are not exempt from this rule as these membership dues support our various programs, administrative costs, operations, and events.

All members receive 25% off of any public LIVE seminar or web seminar for Karate, Kobudo or Iaido.

Inactive members may not use the NKKF authority or brand while competing, teaching, or creating content. This is strictly enforced and is considered dishonorable in the martial arts community.

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We will expedite this content happily, and we are excited to have such a wonderful KarateKa community built.

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