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Our Members Only Exclusive Content is Designed for Beginners, Sensei's, Martial Artists interested in learning new styles, & those that have taken a break from Martial Arts but would like to pick up where they left off.

When you submit a test you will receive DAN board review within 1-2 business days. This includes critical examination and feedback on technique for improvement. There are infinite attempts available for each level once testing dues are submitted. Upon achievement of a Passing Grade, your Rank Certification will be hand brushed, stamped, and sent directly from Japan to your door.

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Rank Requirements.
Video Examples.
Karate Kata Database.
Karate Kihon Database.
Kobudo Kata Database.
Kobudo Kihon Database.
Self Defense Database.

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Uploaded Lessons.

Sensei Only Content:
Exclusive Library of Martial Arts Video.
Master Class Video Collection from the Past.
Technique Videos.
Kumite Tip Videos.
Iaido Instruction.
Rare Footage and More.

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Learn the History of Karate & Kobudo.
Read Origins of Styles & Kata.
Trace Lineage to the Founders of Each Style.
Study the History of Martial Arts.

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Karate Membership

All paying accounts are considered current Members with the National Karate Kobudo Federation. You must have a valid and active membership in order to test or substantiate authority using the NKKF name. Past members are not exempt from this rule as these membership dues support our various programs, administrative costs, operations, and events.

All members receive 25% off of any public LIVE seminar or web seminar for Karate, Kobudo or Iaido.

Inactive members may not use the NKKF authority or brand while competing, teaching, or creating content. This is strictly enforced and is considered dishonorable in the martial arts community.

Karate Belt Testing

Testing for a belt is easy with an email submission.

You may choose to upload a video of your testing requirements to google drive and email the link to [email protected]

You will be emailed an invoice for the testing amount prior to review of the material and then critique will be given as well as a pass or fail grade.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for diploma processing and shipping direct from Japan.

There is also an option to use PayPal on the testing page, once payment is submitted it will direct you to the upload section.

Missing Content?

Our site is constantly being updated and we apologize for any missing content. If there is content you wish to see or broken links in any section please address these concerns by email at [email protected]

We will expedite this content happily, and we are excited to have such a wonderful KarateKa community built.