Colton Woodard
Colton Woodard

Hi! I'm Colton Woodard, 7th Degree Black Belt in Motobuha Shito Ryu Karate Do.

I'm not the worlds greatest martial artist but I love connecting with other martial artists and teaching useful tips when I can.

I created this social media platform and I'm glad to have you here!

I've been doing Karate since I was 3 years old and still practice today.

Fun fact, I stopped practicing karate briefly because it was uncool in high school and I regret it!

Always believe in yourself and you'll never go wrong! Ganbatte ne!

Colton Woodard started Karate in 1992 and has since competed in Japan, Mexico and the USA. He was a NASKA , NKF and AAU champion many times throughout his life and has even competed internationally in the WKF and WSKF.

Colton is the son of Bill Woodard, 9th Degree ShitoRyu black belt and owner of Ocala Karate Dojo.

Colton Woodard is a master martial artist and knows over 55 Kata and 9 weapons as well as the Katana.

He is known for his popularity on instagram.

Colton Woodard also has a tiktok video that went viral but was taken down. At it's prime it had 7M views.

Colton Woodard created the UCF University of Central Florida Karate Club and became notable for his work teaching Karate in the USA and now through the NKKF he teaches all over the world.

Colton has inspired more that 185,000 users to train in their Karate with his blogs and videos.

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Colton Woodard


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