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Swedish Karate Comedian Jesse Enkamp interviews Martial Arts actor Steven Seagal and learns some hard knocks in Aikido. The Youtube Blogger talks politics and mystical martial arts with the out of shape actor in Dubai over Salmon.

Steven Seagal Appears on Jesse Enkamp Youtube Channel

If you're a die hard martial arts movie fan, you know the Karate of Steven Seagal well from various movies dating back to the 80s like "Above the Law" in 1988. Controversy over politics and mysticism had cast Seagal into a dark corner of the martial arts world until recently when Karate Comedy Youtuber and Blogger Jesse Enkamp created this special "I spent 24 Hours with Steven Seagal" episode.

This interview isn't really comparable content compared to box office hit Batman or even Netflix Cobra Kai, but it's something.

Steven Seagal wears a black kimono and dons his goatee. The program starts with them bragging about eating a 5 course meal in the worlds tallest building in Dubai.

As much as I'd like to say Karate by Jesse is putting out informative content, I believe it has completely shifted to click bait and YouTube entertainment. Perhaps his failed attempt at landing a spot in the Tokyo 2020 olympics was his signal to enter the comedy Vlogging role full time.

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Steven Seagal Martial Arts

Steven Seagal teaches some basic concepts like the "teep" of Front thrust kick and claims he taught it to Machida and Silva, but it's just a front kick. He demonstrates some Aikido wrist locks as Comedian Jesse Enkamp gets thrown about by the aged and overweight Seagal.

Jesse Enkamp must be enjoying the ad revenue from his Youtube stunts as he has graciously placed several throughout the cheesy martial arts mockumentary.

Steven Seagal tells about "Uraden" that he doesn't use in the movies. He says it's a secret and dangerous Japanese Jiujitsu that he learned in Japan that focuses on avoiding going to the ground.

They constantly eat and talk about how the Japanese do things. Steven Seagal compares himself to a Great Japanese Samurai constantly.

Steven Seagal has his own personal Uke, and he slowly locks Jesse and the Uke into various Aikido techniques and compares them to sword techniques. He claims his have a hidden way of kicking and MMA failure Enkamp dumbly goes along with learning it like he's never thrown a kick before.

I'm not sure if they were star struck or just being polite but this is not ground breaking content. Jesse has found a way to capitalize on the fame of Actor Steven Seagal and grab viewers attentions to click on his video, watch his ads, and get reimbursement for the flights to Dubai and the Salmon he ate with Seagal, as well as the MMA gym rental for the video shoot.

Seagal seems to love his Judo chop into the trigeminal nerve and to punch into people who freeze to let him to it. During the whole series I don't see anyone hit Steven Seagal even once.

I would have punched Seagal right in the Jaw if he was slapping me around while I was wearing my Gi and Black Belt.

Steven says to be completely aggressive and not to let them attack first. This sounds very Cobra Kai, as he says:

"In real Life, if you want to end it immediately you have to attack first".

This is literally criminal thinking. If you attack first that goes against everything that Karate stands for. There is no harmony or peace in attacking first.

In Karate we are taught to avoid fighting and resolve conflicts peacefully. Karate means empty hand, and this is a means of self defense and self preservation against aggressors.

This is not Feudal Japan, where enemies sought you out to kill you and you had to kill to survive. This is 2022, where most of the world is not at war.

Steven Seagal continues with his strange manner of mysticism saying "I used to be a police officer. I don't care about the law."

Statements like this must be easy to make when you live in Dubai as a rich and famous celebrity who hits people without them hitting you back. I'd love to see someone kick the grin off of his goateed face.

Jesse Enkamp obiediently offers slow motion punches to Steven Seagal so he can demonstrate his mystical Aikido applications saying things like "in real Karate, it would be like this." He uses analogy of Martial Arts fitting into Square, Triangles, and Circles for the techniques.

Steven Seagal talks about spear techniques and severing the brain stem with his shuto. The elder man stepped on Youtuber Jesse Enkamps foot and throws him down easily making him scream. It's quite a sight and a dark day for WKF Karate. You would think a Swedish National Champion could put up more resistance to someone so old and out of shape.

Maybe Seagal really is mystical and his Aikido is just that good. I'm not buying it. He loves to talk about energy, Chi, or Ki flowing through you. He compares it to lightning and electricity coming out of your body.

Steven Seagal conducts the majority of his teaching during the program sitting down with a mini portable fan to cool him down. Seagal also takes a beat to slander Gene Bell and Bob Wall claiming "every time they opened their mouth they were lying".

Seagal starts to delve into Secret Slander campaigns on a huge top secret level that destroyed his career and life. He blames a secret organization for paying 50 people to say crazy things about him, to destroy him. So he left America and went into hiding in Dubai.

He talks about "where I came from, if you did that [tarnish your reputation] someone would come and kill you the next day". Jesse nods and agrees with the actor throughout the rant. Maybe this alludes to the Sex Trafficking suit that was placed on him that forced him to resign from the police force according to this Steven Seagal Looper article.

Seagal ends with "everything is in the teacher", he doesn't think a non famous teacher can teach good martial arts. He also talks about Buddhism and Zen, Buddha and Gurus. The Enkamps pander to the actor and we get a cliff hanger that alludes to a part 2 that will release on the channel.

In summary Enkamp wants to squeeze as much money out of viewers as possible by showing ads again and again. We learned nothing from this waste of 19 minutes of our lives.

What Martial Arts Does Steven Seagal Do?

Steven Frederic Seagal is a 7th degree black belt in Aikido. Steven Seagal has been married 4 times and been accused of Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and even Rape several times. Steven Seagal is also personal friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom is currently waging war on Ukraine.

In 2016 Seagal gained citizenship in Serbia, and is still hiding from America and slandering our country in his videos like the feature on Swedish Karate Comedian Jesse Enkamp Youtube Channel.

Steven seagal is personal friends with Vladimir Putin

"After Putin personally granted Seagal a Russian passport in 2016, the actor was banned from entering the Ukraine, another former Soviet republic. Officials said that Seagal had "committed socially dangerous actions," which "contradict the interests of maintaining Ukraine's security."

What Martial Arts does Jesse Enkamp Do?

Jesse Enkamp learned Karate from his parents who own a Martial Arts Center in Stockholm Sweden. He practices Shito Ryu Katas, but Jesse Enkamp hasn't publicly announced his Black Belt degree.

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About the Author:
Colton Woodard is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Kuniba Kai Karate Do and holds the title of Kyoshi as well. He loves to teach Karate, Kobudo, and Iaido and considers himself a lifetime student in pursuit of self improvement in both Martial Arts and in Character. Colton loves to visit Japan and speaks conversational Japanese and can write quite a few Kanji. He is a Karate competitor and coach and loves to exercise and make new memories with people all over the world.


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