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Hanshi Bill Woodard Tallahassee Karate 9th Degree Black Belt

Our Tallahassee Karate & Kobudo program is designed for Adults and Children to Learn Every Kata, Kihon, Self Defense (Bunkai) from the Original teachings of Okinawa.

New to Karate? No Problem.We have a helpful orientation for you to watch prior to your first class so you'll know exactly what to expect.

In our Tallahassee Karate program you may Achieve Legitimate ranking from 9th Dan Hanshi Bill Woodard and 7th Dan Son Kyoshi Colton.

Hanshi Bill Woodard is the President of the National Karate Kobudo Federation. He is a 9th Degree Black Belt in MotobuHa ShitoRyu and is known for bringing Okinawan Kobudo to the United States of America.

We teach MotobuHa Shitoryu Karate Do, a Karate style that has been passed down from teacher to student originating in the late 1800s.

Our Tallahassee Karate Courses contain all Karate, Kobudo, and Iaido Techniques, Kata and Knowledge to test for your Black Belt and beyond.

We also offer our Yudansha (Black Belts) the opportunity to make annual pilgrimage to Japan for Karate and Kobudo training as well as testing opportunities.

We boast a top 20 school ranking in the USA for our AAU Karate competition team and our USANKF competition team for Traditional Karate. Inquire today about try outs for your athlete!

Tallahassee Karate from Osaka Japan

We are currently hosting in person lessons to a limited number of students in room 101a at the North Side Community Center at 8005 Oak Grove Rd Tallahassee FL 32312.

Class is held from 7pm to 8pm sharp on Thursdays.

Please arrive a few minutes early, ensuring time to use the locker rooms to change into your Gi and line up outside the classroom.

Class begins promptly at 7pm. In Japan it is considered rude to enter late, however, we understand that things happen. Please enter the room and kneel in seiza at the door way patiently, waiting to be bowed into class and join ranks at the rear of the room.

Should you miss any class, or would like to review lessons, we record the weekly lessons and post them on our members only section here.

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Hanshi Bill Woodard is not currently booking private lessons, but does act as head coach for our active National competition karate team.

he occasionally joins class on thursdays at the northside community center, and he is head proctor for all yudansha testing.

classes are led by son kyoshi colton woodard 7th dan motobuha shitoryu karate do. colton, 30, has been national usa NKF gold medalist in kata, and aau karate silver medalist in kumite as well as a wkf (world karate federation) competitor in both kata and kumite in okinawa 2015/2016.

colton is the florida head coach for kobudo, kata and kumite competition competitors.

he has been competing in karate since age 5 and teaching in the dojo since age 14. he also owned orlando karate dojo and taught after school karate at socrates preparatory school. colton is known for creating the ucf karate club, at university of central florida where he gained his bachelors degree in health sciences.

Colton and wife Rachel also own local pool company "lil duckies", known and loved by many.

NKKF instructor doing Chinese Wedge Block
NKKF Instructor performs self defense with wrist lock and kick
NKKF Sensei with Soke
Aikido Sensei with NKKF
Sensei Steven Johnson with NKKF in Yokosuka Japan

Tallahassee Karate Lessons

Karate is a great way to exercise, stay healthy, increase coordination and stay challenged in Tallahassee FL.

It has both mental and physical benefits for practitioners and provides a fun way to exercise.

While we focus on preserving tradition, it can also be a great activity for families to squeeze in work out time as well as family time for busy schedules.

How much does Tallahassee Karate cost?

Currently our Tallahassee Karate and Kobudo class is $20 per lesson, billed monthly in advance. 8 months out of the year you will be charged $80 while 4 months will be charged $100.

Additional expenses include a Karate Gi (uniform) of $50 to $300 depending on the size, brand, and quality.

Testing fees are $50 per rank under Black Belt.

We also offer online Karate and Kobudo lessons priced at $8.99 per month for all to enjoy safetly.

These testing fees cover your diploma and belt as well.

Email to inquire.


I have lived in Yokosuka, Japan for 3 years. In August of 1998, I traveled to Osaka, Japan to test for the rank of godan (5th degree black belt). Other studies include: Hakko-Ryu Jiu Jitsu and Kuniba-Ha Goshin-Do in which I hold the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in Koga-Ryu Kobudo from Ruiz, Joseph "Saiko-Shihan" of the International Karate Kobudo Union.
As your Vice President, I also give my pledge of support to Woodard "Shihan" as President. I can assure you that with nearly 85 years of studying, training and instruction between us, you will always have a resource of available information. Osu!!Yours in Budo, Steven Johnson "Sensei" 1999


Each Nation is a separate branch of the NKKF and is overseen by the Honbucho or Director of that Nation.

The NKKF is void of any politics and only has one common goal and that is "Excellence" each of the individual Directors share this common goal.

We currently have representatives in the USA and 14 countries, each will be the National branch office of that country.

Thus we are the National Karate & Kobudo Federation. -Bill Woodard NKKF President 1998


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