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National Karate Kobudo Federation Karate Programs. Learn Karate Styles online and test for certification.

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National Karate Kobudo Federation Programs

We are creating an online resource for learning many authentic styles of martial arts.

Whether you have one martial arts discipline you'd like to master, or if there's a style you've always wanted to try, or NKKF programs will help you achieve your goals.

Taekwondo is possibly the most popular martial art in the world currently, despite the karate kid movies bringing attention to Japanese martial arts.

Aikido ranks second in popularity amongst martial arts seekers followed by Karate in 3rd, then Kung Fu in 4th.

The 70's and 80's romanticized an era of traditional martial arts through an explosion of classic fighting films. Noteably brought to life by actors whom were real martial artists like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Sony Chiba, and Jackie Chan to name a few.

With the introduction of our online martial arts learning database, you no longer need to search for "martial arts near me", unless you need a sparring partner.

Testing for Karate Belts

Many of our programs include testing for belts to achieve rank while some systems will guide you through the program and upon completion you will receive a certificate of authority.

Our certificates are recognized world wide and by professional and amateur tournament circuits as an authority in the martial arts.

Our programs are taught by real martial arts masters so you will always have quality instruction to receive your Karate Belts or certification.

Different Styles of Martial Arts

Many great Martial Arts pioneers as well as champion athletes will agree that learning parts of different martial arts will broaden your knowledge and skill sets but also create respect and understanding for other style practitioners.

MMA or mixed martial arts was created for professional competition and uses a blend of winning effective martial arts techniques from many styles.

MMA has been recently popularized by household names such as Connor McGregor and remains a lucrative way for Martial Artists to create fame and fortune.