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10 Simple Steps with Illustrations on how to tie a karate belt. This guide also includes a video tutorial on how to tie your karate belt in under 60 seconds. Look great and master tying your karate belt quickly with this guide.

There are several ways How to Tie a Karate Belt.

However, the classic Karate Belt knot is the perfect way to tie a Karate belt Quickly and look professional. The Karate Belt or Obi, in Japanese signifies your rank and accomplishments in the Martial Arts and provides a way to keep your Karate Gi Closed during practice.

When Tying you Karate Belt, it should appear neat and even. As you change and advance in your Karate training, your belt will too! Whether that is changing colors on your way to Black Belt (Yudansha), or the fraying and deteriorating of your Satin Black Belt (KuroObi).

Here's a Video of Hanshi Bill Woodard guiding you through how to tie a karate belt if you don't feel like reading.

How to Tie a Karate Belt Video

10 Steps to Tie A Karate Belt

  1. Front
  2. Wrap to back
  3. Tuck or Cross
  4. Bring to Front
  5. Right over left
  6. Wrap over and up
  7. Pull Snug
  8. Left over Right
  9. Up through the Middle
  10. Pull into a knot and twist the ends

10 Steps for How To Tie a Karate Belt Explained

1.) Front
How to Tie a
How to Tie a Karate Belt Step 1

To Begin, find the very center of your Karate Belt, Obi, and place it on your Navel.

2.) Wrap to Back
How to Tie a Karate Belt Step 2

Reach to the back with both sides and exchange hands with the sides of the Karate belt, allowing it to cross into an X pattern on the back of the hips and pull the ends around back to the front.

3.) Tuck or Cross OPTIONAL

You can Either make the X pattern or use your thumb to tuck the right side of the karate belt under the left and the left under the right as you slide from the back to the front. In our dojo we reserve this look for black belts. However, many dojo may do things differently.

4.) Bring to Front
How to Tie a Karate Belt Step 4

The parallel lengths of the belt should remain equivalent lengths as you pull the two ends of the Karate Belt to the front.

5.) Right Over Left
How to Tie a Karate Belt Step 5

With you left hand, pinch the left length of the Karate belt to the center to hold it in place securely. Now, with your right hand, bring the right side of the karate belt over the left in an X pattern.

6.) Wrap Over and Up
How to Tie a Karate Belt Step 6

With the Right hand, wrap the right side of the Karate Belt over the left and downward, now turning the belt inward behind the center wrap of the belt you initially made and pull the end upward so that it flops over the top. This resembles the steps you take when tying your shoes. Cross, tuck, and pull. Criss Cross Applesauce.

7.) Pull Snug
How to Tie a Karate Belt Step 7

With the Left hand on the left section and the right on the right section, pull the two ends of the belt simultaneously in opposite directions. Your karate belt should become snug but not tight. You don't want to be uncomfortable when training, but also it needs to be tight enough to hold you Karate Gi in place firmly.

8.) Left Over Right
How to Tie a Karate Belt Step 8

Now with your right hand, hold the right side of the karate belt straight in front. With your Left hand, bring the left side of the karate belt over the right side in an X pattern so that your thumbs are touching. Pinch the middle of the formed X with your right hand to hold it in place.

9.) Up Through The Middle
How to Tie a Karate Belt Step 9

Now with your Left hand, push the end of the left side of the Karate belt downward and begin to wrap it so that you can guide it upwards through the space under the formed X. Guide it upwards through this space and then towards the right, forming your knot.

10.) Pull Into a Knot and Twist the Ends
How to Tie a Karate Belt Step 10

Now firmly pull the left and ride sides of you Obi (Karate Belt) in opposite directions to form a tight knot that resembles a fortune cookie. The Knot should be at your epicenter and the lengths of the Karate Belt should be equivalent in length.

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