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This Collection of Master Class Video contains content available through membership with the NKKF. This Video is for educational purposes and is collected to preserve the history and accuracy of true Martial Arts. Please enjoy this content, distribution or replication is not allowed.

Karate is an amazing sport and mores a lifestyle that will help you with everything that you do. From work, to life, to play your coordination, patience, and physical fitness are improved. Karate also provides a way to make new friends and team mates and engage in a positive community.

To be a sensei means more than just teaching Karate. A sensei is someone who has dedicated their life and time to understanding and mastering the concepts of Karate and striving to preserve the martial art by passing these skills to a new generation.

When you embark on a journey in Karate to master the concepts and techniques, you pledge to change yourself and devote yourself to upholding the highest standards set for the art form.

It is easy to change Karate to suit your needs, but you never should. Karate should be preserved truly to it's original form.

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