• Minimum 3 years at Nidan rank.
  • Demonstrate/Perform two Katas from candidate's style with skill appropriate to rank.
  • Demonstrate/Perform one shitei (Mandatory) Kata from the current World Karate Federation (WKF) list of mandatory Kata with skill appropriate to rank.
  • Demonstrate Bunkai of the Shitei Kata performed and respond to questions on the application and principles of the Kata
  • Demonstrate eight Jyu Kumite (free Sparring) or Ippon Kumite (1 Step Sparring) at the option of the candidate. NOTE: If the candidate opts to demonstrate free sparring, then the Board of Examiners will select an opponent from the candidate pool to spar with the candidate under examination. The free sparring bout will not exceed two minutes running time, and will not be stopped and scored. The candidate must demonstrate control, skill, strategy and technique appropriate to the rank.If the candidate opts to demonstrate 1 step sparring, then the candidate shall bring a partner to demonstrate such sparring technique to the Examining Board. The candidate shall demonstrate not less than 6 nor more than 10 attack and defense techniques, which must include varied punching attacks to the head and midsection, and varied kicking attacks to the head and midsection.
  • Kata:



    Hakku Cho